Technical Visits and Group Trips

We organise technical visits and group trips to engineering consultants, research institutions, specialised laboratories and sites of special hydraulic and environmental interest, aiming to enable our members to be aware of future employment opportunities and end-user needs, as well as leading edge advances.

We have visited HR Wallingford and the Chapter was met by Dr. Keith Powell, Director; and saw a number of presentations on the company's current hydraulics projects before being given a tour of the Coastal Research Facility and the Flood Channel Facility.

We have also visited Halcrow Engineering Consultants at their office at Burderop, Swindon. The Chapter was welcomed by Mr. John Lawson, Chief Executive of Halcrow Water, before being given presentations on a wide range of the company's international projects on water management; in particular, on how a major consulting company addresses the challenges of catchment management and river flooding, coastal erosion and coastal zone management, and the design, operation and management of wastewater treatment works. Members of the Chapter also gave presentations on their research to senior company staff and the visit has already led to a number of collaborative applied research initiatives.

We have also been to Minsterworth, on the shores of the Severn River to witness the Severn Bore, a tidal phenomenon in which the leading edge of the incoming tide forms a wave (or waves) of water that travel up a river or narrow bay against the direction of the current.

In May 2013, some of us had the chance to visit La Rance tidal power station in St. Malo, France. This trip was organised by the MAREN project and we had the opportunity to go inside the barrage itself. 

In March 2014, we had the pleasure to receive the president of CIWEM, Mike Summersgill. Some members had the chance to show him the Hydraulics lab and talk about the projects we are working on.

Our lastest technical visit was the 17th April 2014. We had the opportunity to contact the Cardiff Bay Barrage Control and thanks to the Barrage Principal Engineer, Chris Seddon, we had a guided tour by the barrage. This was a great opportunity to know how the barrage is operated and how it regulates water levels, water quality, fish passes and vessels transit. 

YPN Members visiting the Cardiff Barrage guided by the Barrage Principal Engineer.


YPN members showing the Hydraulics lab to the CIWEM president, (March, 2014)


Student Chapter members visiting La Rance tidal power station. St. Malo, France (May, 2013)


Student Chapter members meeting president of ICE - Peter Hansford

Visit to Severn Bore

Tidal phenomenon - waves travelling along the Severn against the direction of the current


severn bore