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The Cardiff Young Professionals Network is a subdivision of the International Association of Hydro-environment Engineering and Research (IAHR). The network includes researchers from Cardiff University’s Hydro-environmental Research Centre and young professionals from local companies who specialise in hydro-environmental engineering.

The Young Professionals Network evolved from the Cardiff University IAHR Student Chapter, which originally consisted of PhD Students only in the Hydro-environmental Research Centre. There are many student chapters in universities all over the world, and they were set up to encourage students to be active in the international hydro-environmental community. This was carried out through conferences, trips, research seminars and other such academic events.

In October 2013 the decision was taken to transform the student chapter into the IAHR Young Professionals Network, to include Research Associates. Furthermore, a new initiative was spawned in Cardiff: to broaden the Network to include local companies who specialise in hydro-environmental engineering.

As students we see far more benefits to this setup in comparison to the previous incarnation of the Student Chapter, and we believe those benefits are mutual. We believe that anything we can do to strengthen the crossover between industry and academia is extremely valuable, and we are glad to have the opportunity to better understand aspects of industry. Likewise, we feel that we can offer an insight into leading edge research both from what we are carrying out here at Cardiff and also through our contacts and experiences at international conferences.  We think that we can all help each other out and improve not only each other's contacts but also our understanding and knowledge of the application of hydro-enviromental engineering.

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